Ice Cube isn’t done with his Friday franchise just yet.

The rapper, actor, and screenwriter still has plans to make the fourth installment in the comedic series, but says it has to be done “right” or not at all. Cube revealed he met with New Line Cinema about creating Last Friday and says the ball is in their court.

We had a meeting. Can’t do Last Friday unless we can do it right. Ball is in New Line Cinema’s hands. Bat is in mine

He also squashed rumors that his son announced the film would be “coming soon.”

This is fake. My son doesn’t have a Facebook account. Can’t mess with a classic.

It looks like his son, Straight Outta Compton star O’Shea Jackson, Jr., won’t be starring in the finale.

Cube released Friday in 1995, Next Friday in 2000, and Friday After Next in 2002; we’re good and ready for a comeback.