Fair or foul???


Pastor Shirley Caesar has had enough of people profiting off her sermon and she’s filed an injunction to stop its unauthorized use.

DJ Suede who originated the viral #UNameItChallenge, has been hit with a lawsuit after attorneys say Ceaser’s suffered $5 million in losses.

Furthermore, his videos “violated” Caesar’s Christian brand and should be removed.

CBS 46 reports:

Caesar’s lead attorney, James Walker, saying a judge agrees with Caesar’s claim that at least one of DJ Suede’s videos needed to be taken down.

Walker said the judge decided the video, which is linked below, and its several images of alcohol “violate the brand, image and name of a Christian pastor”, referring to Caesar.

Walker said, as of Thursday evening, the video was still up.

“DJ Suede and his management were in conversations with her lawyer. They didn’t reach an agreement and they put it out anyway,” Hatchett said.

DJ Suede

DJ Suede

Walker says an initial remix of the video, also shown below, was a hit with Caesar and her family. During the craze of the “You Name it Challenge”, it was one of many that were posted on social media.

“Unknown to us, he made the second video,” Walker said.